HC METER: Oil in water / polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

An image of Oil in water / polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons analyzer

The measuring principle is based on fluorescence: when lighted at a specific wavelength (excitation), some chemicals re-emit light (emission) at a longer wavelength.

Very few chemicals are fluorescent giving a highly selective measurement.

The table below gives the relative intesity of some aromatic hydrocarbons.

Anthracene 42
Benzene 10
Biphenyl 20
Chlorobenzene 7
Fluorobenzene 10
Naphtalene 35
Phenanthrene 25
Phenol 18
Propybenzene 17
Styrene 10
Toulene 17
Xylene 22

The emission light is detected by a high sensitivity photomultipler to detect very
low concentrations from a few ppb.

The excitation light is controlled by a detector to compensate any variation of the source.

0-100ppm 0-10.0ppm
0-1000ppm 0-100ppm
0-10.0ppm 0-1.00ppm

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