NO3 Meter

NO3meter: online UV nitrate analyzer

A photo of the NO3 Meter

The measuring principle is based on the strong UV light
absortion of the chromophore NO at 210-220nm according
to the Beer-Lambert law:

[C] = k log (l in/l out)

[C]: sample concentration;
k: absorption coefficent;
l in: light intensity at the sample input;
l out: light intensity at the sample output.

An automatic internal linearisation compensates the inheret non-linearity of Beer-Lambert law for high concentration.

The measurement is the weighted sum of NO2 and NO3 concentration,
but in most applications the NO2 concentration is negligible regarding NO3 concentration.

Turbidity, organic matter, suspended solid or dirty on the flow cell are automatically
caompensated by a differential measurement with a second detector at a reference wavelength.


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