About Us

The Company

Founded in  1995, 3S Analyzers  designs, manufacturs and commercialize instrumentation for online water analysis.Founded in 1995, 3S is a manufacturer of online water instrumentation and provides all associated services.

The company has a great reputation worldwide with thousands of successful installations. The products are manufactured in Italy and are designed to meet any requirements in the process industry. Our dedicated instrument service team can offer advice and call out to ensure reliable monitor operation so your processes are protected. 3S is ISO9001 accredited and well known for the reliability and robustness of the instrumentation offered.

The Products

Our instrumentation selection finds application in the sectors of municipal wastewater analysis, industrial wastewater analysis, drinking water, process water, surface water and generally in every water stream which is relevant to process control or law enforced monitoring.

The internal production ensures a fully stocked warehouse for spares, consumables and accessories. Our chemistry laboratory produce reagents and calibration standards with fast shipping time.

The analytical data reliability of our products is more than 95%, with contained running costs.

3S Analyzers also proposes rental contracts (analyzers and samplers).


The professionality and experience of our service crew (ISO 9001-2000 certificated) allows 3S Analyzer to offer quick intervention for installation, field testing, maintenance, calibration and training.

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