• Drinking water
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Oil-in-water monitoring
  • BTEX/aromatic hydrocarbons monitoring
  • Fuel industry
  • Oil refinement/transportation
  • Pollution monitorning of surface waters
UVFL+ Fluorescence analyzer
UVFL+ Fluorescence analyzer


The 3S‐UVFL+ is an online analyzer for continuous determination of fluorescent organic compounds in acqueous samples by means of fluorescence spectroscopy. The analyzer can be used to monitor the concentration of aromatic hydrocarbons, BTEX and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in acqueous samples . It finds application in industrial wastewater control, oil industry, hydrocarbons transport and storage and every other application that requires a fast and sensitive determination of fluorescent organic compounds.


  • No reagents needed. Optional cleaning reagent is available.
  • Dual compartment design to guarantee a complete separation between the electronics and the hydraulic section
  • Color touchscreen to show the last measured value clearly, and to set all the options and settings via an user friendly interface
  • Datalogger function with data history in graphical form and USB download
  • Automatic calibration, validation and cleaning to reduce down time and operator intervention, their frequency can be freely set by the user
  • Fully integrable in industrial automation via the analog outputs (2 x 4-20 mA channels), digital output (2 relays + ModbusRTU) and digital input (voltage free contact)


The analyzer is based on the photometric  determination of fluorescence-active species dissolved or suspended in water.


No reagents required.


Technical Specifications

Model UVFL+
Sampling Mode Batch, with freely settable frequency.
Sample Pressure: Atmospheric
Temperature: 5 ‐ 45°C (41 ‐ 113°F)
Flow Rate: 80 to 500 mL/min
Connection: 6 mm (¼-in.)
Drain Pressure-free drain
Connection: 12 mm (½-in.)
Input Streams 2
Cabinet Material Epoxy-coated stainless steel AISI 304
Dimensions (H x W x D) 604 x 380 x 242 mm (23.6 x 14.8 x 9.4 in)
Weight 20 kg (44 lbs)
Power Supply Input Voltage:115 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC (optional)
Power consumption: max. 80 W
Output signals 2 x 4-20 mA analog outputs
Modbus RTU via RS485
Alarms 2 SPDT programmable voltage-free relays
Digital Input Online,Start Extra,Skip Idle,Emergency Stop
Ambient Temperature 5 - 45 °C (41 - 113 °F)
Ambient Humidity 10 to 90 % RH (indoor use only, outdoor installation possible with protective cabinet or shelter not included)
Protection Grade IP54


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