Containment shelter

3S can provide complete analytical solutions, ranging from simple enclosures for on-site protection of the instrumentation to fully custom-made air-conditioned analytical monitoring stations.

The enclosure systems are available in a wide range of sizes to protect single, or multiple instrument applications.

3S has a dedicated design team with the specialist knowledge and skill to layout instrument systems with the optimum use of space within each enclosure.

A complete design service is provided based on customer applications, process conditions, instruments to be installed and heating requirements.

  • Designed to extend instrumentation life and for easy operation for service engineers during maintenance.
  • Engineered and fitted out to customer’s specifications – a variety of accessories and options (sampling system, filtration,…) can be integrated.
  • Significant protection against site conditions for outdoor operation.
  • Increased level of security, the shelter is lockable to prevent tampering.
  • Fully assembled & ready to use complete package is supplied direct to the customer’s site. The instrument package is delivered to site already factory assembled and tested.
  • Fast commissioning
  • Just connect the power, sample, and reagent lines and the system is fully operational.

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