Sampling Pump


The Peristaltic Sampling Pump is a single channel pump used to move the sample to a filtration unit or directly to the Fast Loop Reservoir attached to the analyzer. The entire set comes with the Pump Motor, Reduction Gear Box, and the Pump Head. The Pump Motor has a fixed pumping rate of 1340 rpm. The Reduction Gear Box allows for the reduction of this pumping rate at different ratios (1:20, 1:40, 1:60). The Pump Head housing is polycarbonate, while there are two options for the Rotor Material (Cold Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel). A plate for wall mounting is included.

Sampling Pump

Product code

  • A46SPP0000 - Sampling Pump

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  • 06404-73 - Norprene Tubing Size 73 (15 mt)
  • A461105001 - Pump Head 7019-20
  • A461105001SS - Pump Head 7019-21 with SS rotors
  • A46SPP1000 - Motor 1340 rpm for sampling pump
  • A46SPP1001 - Reduction for the motor (1:20)
  • A46SPP1002 - Reduction for the motor (1:40)
  • A46SPP1003 - Reduction for the motor (1:60)
  • A46SPP1004 - Motor shaft
  • A46SPP1005 - SS adapter (motor – pump head) for sampling pump